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Riding James by Layla Piper

James wants to find out if his new roommate Tex will play more than just cards. Will he gamble for the big stakes in poker, or will he chicken out? Maybe with the help of some liquid courage, he’ll have the night of his life.

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Needs More Cowgirl by Steph Brothers

It’s not only the bulls that get…horny!

As an only child, Becky has always assumed she’ll inherit the ranch she grew up on. Right up until her parents change everything in a single moment.

Despite her being 23, it seems they’re concerned with their little girl’s overactive libido, and order her to sign a good behavior contract. A guarantee that she won’t sleep with any more men until they can marry her off.

Furious and determined to push back at her uppity folks, Becky storms off and runs into Nell, one of the stable hands. Though they’ve never talked before, it turns out Nell is a good listener, and has a creative solution to the problem at hand.

After all…Becky’s parents only banned her from being with men.

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Taken by Aliens by E.A. Jeffries

Hazel is just a typical farmgirl who wants some excitement in her life.

Country life is boring. The chores on a farm are tedious and repetitive. It’s no fun. It’s boring and it’s not even remotely fun. She has a crappy job, lives on a dull farm and nothing exciting ever happens. Her boyfriend Bobby and their vigorous encounters are her only source of enjoyment in her boring life.

All that changes one night while she is driving through the countryside. When her truck stops working, she fears the worst, but her worst fears do not prepare her for what is to come. She has a chance encounter with aliens that will leave her sore and satisfied.

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Mardi Gras Adventure: Kay’s Dark Desire by Carmen Webb

Kay decided to spread her Hotwife wings at Mardi Gras.

Would her dark lovers change her forever?

A vacation to Mardi Gras gives Kay the excuse to discover what she has been desiring. What will her husband think of what she really wants?

Does what happens in New Orleans, stay in New Orleans?

Are your desires like her desires? Find out now!

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Megan’s Fireman by Carmen Webb

One man is good. Two are better.

The secret fantasies they both held are revealed when Chad breaks a foot and cannot take Megan to the Princess Valentine’s Dance and he asks his Buddy the fireman to take her in his place.

He agrees to take Megan to the dance and things start heating up from there and go way beyond the fantasy Chad thought he had.

Can Chad handle to reality?

This story is part of the Erotica Collective. Check out the rest of the erotica collective for more themed stories.

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Bearded Badboys Trio by Layla Piper

Janie works as a consultant helping people learn how to interview and get jobs. Sometimes, though, she finds a special client who needs a little bit of extra time. These are three stories of those special clients who get Janie’s (and her best friend’s) very special attention.

Paul is a frustrated and intimidating tough guy who doesn’t understand why people don’t see his value in the work place. Nate is angry, spoiled, and has even been fired from his parents’ company for his temper. Their friend Mack is as shy as they come and desperate to come out of his shell.

Can Janie and her best friend help the three develop new coping mechanisms? At least one thing is for sure. Everyone gets a happy ending in these three sexy short stories by Layla Piper from the Erotica Collective.

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Bigfoot Behind The Bar by Kat Orion

All I wanted to do was close out my shift, go home, and put up my feet. Then, Paul and Noah, my Bigfoot, showed up, and well I couldn’t leave them out in the cold. Let’s just say we got creative with the bar. I knew the kind of passion they could bring me. The sense of fulfillment, that was new. As was the proposal they had for me when we got back to Paul’s house. They certainly could interrupt me at work anytime.

Note: This story continues the progression of my relationship with my Bigfoot and his best friend, though you don’t need to read the previous stories to have fun with this one. This story features food play, voyeurism, and way too much fun at work. This story is brought to you as part of the Erotica Collective.

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Tied Up In Meetings by Layla Piper

Mara expects to be fired when she’s called into her cranky boss’s office right before 5 on a Friday. Instead, he tells her that he and his best friend, the company’s co-owner, have decided they’re moving. Once she gets on the private plane with the two sexy billionaires, things take a very personal turn. Will they force her to choose between them or can she have it both ways?

Short story includes one sexy personal assistant, two sexy billionaires, light bondage, and anal play.

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Mr. X Brings The Goods By C.P. Catzi

I wasn’t expecting much for Christmas so when Mr. X walked through the door with a bag full of gifts, well let’s just say my holiday was already made. Once we were behind closed doors, well my holiday got very merry indeed.

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Christmas With Bigfoot by Kat Orion

I wasn’t going to spend Christmas alone. Not when I knew where Bigfoot lived and the way to his best friend’s house. With a few days off over the holidays, I was determined to spend it with them. My surprise arrival might have interrupted Paul’s work, but when Bigfoot showed up, well both men lit me up like a Christmas tree. What I didn’t expect was the emotion I felt, and the Christmas miracle that happened afterward. When it’s all said and done, this will be one to remember.

Note: This MFM story contains one hot bigfoot with an imagination, his best friend with talents, and a soft rug in front of a gorgeous holiday tree. What more do you need?

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O’Tentacles by Carmen Frost

A present not hand delivered.

Why won’t Santa go down the chimney?

Welcome to the Naughty List.

Karen is rich and beautiful – convinced she doesn’t need anyone but herself for happiness.

It doesn’t bother her that she is spending the holidays alone. What better company could there be at any time of year?

A bath is just what the night calls for.

Does something want to spend that time with her?

Look under the bubbles Now!

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The Boss’s Naughty List by Liza Bangston

A Naughty List Novelette brought to you by the Erotica Collective.

Between her spineless ex filing for divorce, Mother Nature flooding her home, and a sick, stubborn father…Cat Baxter has had a shitty year.

Worst of all, her job performance has suffered and she’s found herself on the boss’s naughty list.

Arrogant. Pompous. Rem Westland is a jerk. But damn, if he isn’t sexy. Too bad he’s her boss. And she hates his sexy guts.

Fueled by anger, Cat goes on an innuendo-laced rant that captures the boss’s attention.

Now, she’s in his crosshairs and he desires only one thing – her.

Will Cat swallow her pride, or something else, to do what it takes to get her name scratched off the boss’s naughty list?

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Unwrapped Tentacles by Carmen Frost

Tentacles and a wrapped present…

The perfect gift?

Welcome to the Naughty List.

Nora is not really one for the holiday spirit.

She dislikes how people suddenly want to waste her time, the company’s resources, and worst of all – they want to bother her with meaningless chit chat on the clock.

If she was the only who would still do what needed to be done – so be it.

When she picks up the gift wrapped box, it is nothing more than an inconvenience but..

Did it move?

Unwrap it Now!

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Wrapped In Santa by Layla Piper

A young and inexperienced wife gives her husband the one thing he asked for for Christmas. Herself, any way he wants her. Turns out he wants her bound.

This story contains bondage, MFM group sex, and some anal play.

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Naughty Elves by E.A. Jeffries

Not just one, but TWO elves on the naughty list? Oh, and how naughty they have been… This story is part of the Erotica Collective. Santa is testing out new technology provided by the elves when he sees a first. Two of his elves, Mixie and Nixie, are on the Naughty List. It’s unheard of but thanks to the newest development from the brilliant elves, sprinkled with a bit of Christmas magic, he has the evidence on video. After watching the evidence, he calls one of them to discuss the scandalous situation. It turns out, Santa is the one getting a present this year as Mixie shows the jolly old man just how naughty she can be. Mixie is about to get her stocking filled with more than just Christmas spirit.

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Bound by Mr. X by C.P. Catzi

It’d been a month since I’d seen Mr. X, so when he walked into the Traikot Club with a dire warning, I knew something was up. When I gave him access to my toy box, I knew he’d fulfill my every desire…and then some. Giving myself to Mr. X might be the most dangerous thing I’d ever done. It’d also be the most delicious.

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Revealing Mack by Layla Piper

Janie is given a new kind of case. A friend of Paul and Nate, Mack can’t talk to women. He’s hiding behind bulky clothes and long hair. She knows, though, that her fellow trainer, Katarina, is going to love this one.

Mack is shy. He chokes when he even approaches a woman. When his friends sent him to Janie, he’s desperate to get into the training program they sent him for. Will his confidence rise along with other parts of him?

Book contains two bisexual women, a shy bodybuilder, shackles, and some very tantalizing situations.

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Retraining Nate by Layla Piper

Janie tackles another hard case. A spoiled rich boy become man who bullies and belittles. When Nate walks into her office on Paul’s recommendation, she gets excited. She was looking for new meat for her special training program.

Nate is angry. He believes he’s God’s gift, and when people don’t givce him what he wants, he throws a tantrum. His friend Paul told him to find Janie, that she’d help him see. She doesn’t impress him at first, but before long, he’ll understand where he went wrong.

Book contains two bisexual women, a musclebound spoiled brat, shackles, and some very tantalizing situations.

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Restraining Paul by Layla Piper

Janie often gets the hard cases. People who need some extra help getting along with others. When Paul walks into her office, though, she gets excited. He’s just the candidate she needs for her special training program.

Paul is frustrated. He doesn’t understand why people don’t see his value right away. When Janie introduces him to her private training program, and the gorgeous partner she trains with, he realizes nothing will be the same for him again.

Book contains two bisexual women, a hunky out of control man, shackles, and some very tantalizing situations.

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Between Bigfoot and His Best Friend by Kat Orion

When the strange man met me in the woods and said he was waiting for me, I knew exactly who he meant. Bigfoot. One look at this bearded, mysterious man, and I wanted to be the creamy filling between him and Bigfoot. When my monster walked in on Paul and me, well, I suspect my fantasy was about to become reality.

Another naughty bearded bad boy story from the Erotica Collective.

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Between the Bearded Brewers: a NAUGHTY HOTWIFE novella by Lola Blackburn

When Emma confesses to her beautifully bearded husband that she’s been having inappropriate thoughts about his best friend, and what he might be able to do with his equally spectacular beard between her legs, she never dreamed her husband would have his own confession to make.

After convincing her that he’d love nothing more than to watch his gorgeous hotwife being taken by another man, Emma sets her sights on convincing their friend to come play with them and help make all their fantasies come true.

Between the Bearded Brewers is a 10000 word hotwife menage novella.

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Niki The Hollywood Nurse by Kitty Kading

Niki can keep a secret. Can you?

Niki is a first generation Iranian living in Hollywood. She finds a lucrative way to support remaining family in Iran. She takes a job as a private nurse. The pay’s great. The hours are flexible. She’s even able to fund her dream of becoming an actress. Acting classes aren’t cheap! She hopes the connections she makes will help her later on in her career. But, her hustle is threatened when a patient lets it slip that Niki did more than tend to his medical needs. Can’t anyone keep a secret?

Niki can. That’s why her client list is a whos-who of the most powerful and influential people in the world. They hire her because they’ve got a secret. She’ll keep it for a price.

With the threat of losing her job. She swears off patients. No more affairs. That is until she meets Blake, a hot-shot basketball player. Can Niki nurse him back to health before his big game?

All isn’t fame and glory for Blake when he struggles with a decision that could cost his family. Niki learns secrets are relative. Both come to terms that every family has a past and their children pay the price for decisions made.

Will Niki keep her vow or trust another patient with another naughty secret?

A spicy, emotionally charged read infused with smart and provocative themes. This novella will leave you questioning your own debts the future will pay for. One-click this book today.

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Between Three Bearded Bikers by Gilda Gang

Ginger West is having the worst day ever and then her truck breaks down in Dick, Wisconsin of all places. The broke college dropout must convince three bikers with impressive beards and their own garage to do her repairs, among other things.

This rough ride is packed and plugged with unconventional but consensual garage activities. If that’s not your thing or you’re under eighteen, move your training wheels along.

Part of the November Bearded Bad Boys theme from the Erotica Collective.

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Stranded by Bonnie Cox

A dead phone, a car that won’t start, and a city might fill of hazzards.
What’s a woman to do?
Erin decides to take her chances and leaves her car to find help. Or at least a phone she can borrow.
She finds two friends and business partners willing to help her with all her needs.
It’s a crazy chance. Will Erin be brave enough to take it?

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Maiden Voyage by E.A. Jeffries

Bearded bad boys, the November theme from the Erotica Collective.

Rick and Mark share everything. When Rick returns from an extended trip with a new boat, they decide to take it on its maiden voyage.

Joined by Mark’s girlfriend, Cindy, a beautiful blonde who enjoys spending time with them and Debbie, a friend of Cindy’s, they set sail for pleasure. The two women will submit to their every desire to fulfill their appetites for carnal pleasure.

The four of them cruise to international waters for a night of debauchery as Rick and Mark set sail for a tryst on the waves where the four of them engage in an evening of depravity on the high seas. A no holds barred group event will leave the men satiated and women satisfied.

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