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Recent Releases

Riding James by Layla Piper

James wants to find out if his new roommate Tex will play more than just cards. Will he gamble for the big stakes in poker, or will he chicken out? Maybe with the help of some liquid courage, he’ll have the night of his life. [button link=""...

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Needs More Cowgirl by Steph Brothers

It’s not only the bulls that get…horny! As an only child, Becky has always assumed she’ll inherit the ranch she grew up on. Right up until her parents change everything in a single moment. Despite her being 23, it seems they’re concerned with their little girl’s...

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Taken by Aliens by E.A. Jeffries

Hazel is just a typical farmgirl who wants some excitement in her life. Country life is boring. The chores on a farm are tedious and repetitive. It’s no fun. It’s boring and it’s not even remotely fun. She has a crappy job, lives on a dull farm and nothing exciting...

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Mardi Gras Adventure: Kay’s Dark Desire by Carmen Webb

Kay decided to spread her Hotwife wings at Mardi Gras. Would her dark lovers change her forever? A vacation to Mardi Gras gives Kay the excuse to discover what she has been desiring. What will her husband think of what she really wants? Does what happens in New...

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Megan’s Fireman by Carmen Webb

One man is good. Two are better. The secret fantasies they both held are revealed when Chad breaks a foot and cannot take Megan to the Princess Valentine’s Dance and he asks his Buddy the fireman to take her in his place. He agrees to take Megan to the dance and...

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